We want your videos and pictures of police encounters!

If you see something, film something. Please help us compile a database of videos and pictures of various police interactions. Send us the good, bad and ugly. Anything from speed traps, traffic stops, officers breaking transportation laws, police harassment, police abuse, etc. Our goal is to have peaceful streets, so send us any positive encounters you experience with peace officers as well. All video and pictures uploaded are subject to use in montages, blog posts and online video websites. Let us know if you want us to credit you in your videos or pictures if posted online. Please include all relevant information about your file in the description field that appears after selecting your files. Drag, drop or search for your file using the dropbox below.

A Special Request

To help us organize and categorize the files we receive, please use the naming convention below whenever possible when labeling your file:

[Yr][Mo][Day] [Last name of filmer] [short description]

12.07.26 Buehler Conversation with Officer Judd