15 Nov
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Let’s Make December a Month of Direct Action

The Peaceful Streets Project has had some fabulous successes since launching in mid-2012. We’ve hosted scores of cop watch events, Police Abuse Complaint Departments and Know Your Rights Trainings. We’ve held two national Police Accountability Summits that have drawn in activists from around the country. We’ve launched chapters in 15 cities and towns across the country. And we’ve supported and worked with allies such as Cop Block and We CopWatch in an ongoing effort by many to rein in the out of control cops that destroy the lives of so many peaceful people every single day in every corner of the United States (and abroad).

The success of the Peaceful Streets Projects, that we have seen manifest itself through a marked change in behavior of the police in Austin (TX) and other PSP cities, as well as a change in the rhetoric of people who comment on issues related to police abuse and accountability, continues to stem from the direct action tactics of our members. From protesting in Houston, to warning motorists of checkpoints in Manchester (NH), to writing cops tickets in New York City, to cop watching in Defiance (OH) and Sandusky (OH), the efforts of those who are willing to sacrifice their time to protect and serve the community without resorting to violence has had a profound impact on the people in the communities we serve as well as the broader public who is waking up to the pandemic of police crimes.

As the Peaceful Streets Project prepares to evolve over the next year (stay tuned for updates) in an effort to maximize our skills and resources, we must continue to stay engaged in the direct action that makes a difference for those who encounter aggressive police every day. Let’s make December a month of direct action! Please organize your local chapters to get involved in the local community by cop watching, holding a Know Your Rights Training, providing a platform for people to tell their stories of abuse or protesting out of control cops. And please feel free to share your planned events with us so we can advertise them on our facebook and twitter pages!

Keep up the great work! Those of you who are willing to donate your time to help protect those in your communities from aggressive, violent and criminal cops are truly protecting and serving!


  • One thing Ive done is set up a group page for my county because we have a lot of road blocks. It’s called Dare County Citizens Road Block Alert.

    • Awesome, we love to hear about people stepping up and taking action!

  • Bless you all for your sacrifices to right these wrongs, you are true Americans, and should stand proud.

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