3 Mar
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Updated Cop Watch Code of Conduct

We have updated our cop watch guidelines to better reflect our nation-wide focus to combat police abuse and our desire to improve the level of our rhetoric when interacting with police officers. Please click on this Cop Watch Code of Conduct for a pdf that you can print out and share with volunteers at each cop watch event.


  • Yeah… about #4: Don’t tell a Texan not to carry his/her firearm where he/she can lawfully do so. Your whole purpose is to expose the state’s armed enforcers’ pattern of trampling the individual liberties of private citizens. Why on earth would you demand that people who want to participate in your organization or movement or whatever waive any of their Constitutional rights? That’s just stupid.

    • People can do whatever they want to do. We aren’t telling Texans not to carry. However, in organized Peaceful Streets Project cop watches we do not carry because the cops are already looking for reasons to arrest or kill us and make us look like the aggressors. We aren’t forcing anyone to join us on cop watches, and if you want to go around filming cops while armed go for it, just don’t claim to be with the Peaceful Streets Project when doing it. (It’s also your constitutional right to film drunk, but we don’t allow that on organized cop watches either.)

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