12 May
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Puppycide – Cops Are Also Killing Dogs … A LOT of Them

The cops in America are out of control. They are killing unarmed Black and Hispanic men, people who dare to try to protect themselves when SWAT teams invade homes in the middle of the night, homeless people and even the elderly. They are also killing family pets at rate that makes one question if there is some sort of thin blue line expectation that cops don’t have street cred until they kill something. For example, in Atlanta it was found that cops killed one dog per week between 2010 and 2012. They’re even killing kittens.

Cops often use the excuse they were “scared” for their safety or for their lives when they kill people and pets, despite having very safe jobs (they are much more likely to die because of their illegal driving practices or health complications from donuts or steroids than they are from dangerous criminals). We don’t know if police beatings and executions of innumerable people over the years has numbed us to their brutality, as they almost always get away with crimes, or if their overreach from going after the weak and the marginalized to going after pets will actually cause people to wake up to the criminal nature of police in America. Perhaps a new documentary that is being produced to highlight the cop killing pets epidemic will help?

Until the day that the people finally say enough is enough, the Peaceful Streets Project would like to encourage you to share selected stories of criminal cop behavior in an attempt to stir up the people of America so they take a stand. Whereas many people will turn a blind eye to another murdered homeless or black person, a murdered puppy can sometimes get people to pay attention. If you have stories of abuse please feel free to share those stories on the Peaceful Streets Project facebook page, and come to the Free Antonio Buehler page for thousands of stories of cops committing crimes.

The inspiration for this post came from yet another sad story that a victim presented to us. We are posting it below:

“On September 6th, 2013 my dog, Blossom, went missing in Jonestown, Texas. For two weeks I and other people who had loved Blossom searched for her but we were unsuccessful. Following those two weeks I received a phone call from a gentleman from Jonestown City Hall, who had informed me that Blossom was hit by a car, and TxDOT (Texas Department of Transportation) had taken her body and had it incinerated.

“About a week later I received an email from a Private Investigator from the City of Jonestown who had asked to speak to me in person, stating she had additional information in regards to Blossom’s death. Once I had met her in person she had informed me that Blossom was not hit by a car, but in fact shot and killed by a member of the Jonestown Police Department. She had wondered into a neighbor’s chicken coop and the neighbors contacted the police. Once officers arrived at the property they killed my baby.

“Blossom was anything but an aggressive dog. Above playing, dancing, eating, hiking, and cuddling, she loved everything with her small, yet beautiful heart. However, she had the appearance of a Coyote, which the officers found a threat, and reason to murder her.

“I have raised Blossom since she was 1 month old, she was like a child to me, and I still mourn her death heavily. I am fighting the tears as I type this message. Many people loved Blossom within the 7 years of her life, she brought such joy and comforted big and small creatures, human and animal. She did not deserve what had happened to her. We are all still struggling with the loss of such a wonderful spirit.”

So, what do you think?