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Was the Austin Police Department trying to justify using deadly force against Peaceful Streets Project volunteers?

“***CONFIDENTIAL- Law Enforcement Only***”

The Austin Police Department went to great lengths to lay the groundwork to justify using deadly force against Antonio Buehler and members of the Peaceful Streets Project in 2012 & 2013.

The first three images come from an email/report from Officer Justin Berry, the police officer who arrested Peaceful Streets Project co-founder, Antonio Buehler on August 26th, 2012. Buehler’s crime? Filming cops. In it he goes to great lengths to suggest that Buehler and the Peaceful Streets Project may be a domestic terrorist threat, and an imminent threat to police officers.

The second three images come from an email that Austin Police Association President Wayne Vincent sent to Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo, insisting that the Peaceful Streets Project poses a real threat to police and that the police department, city and county prosecutors, and city attorneys should collude to take action against Buehler and other members of the Peaceful Streets Project.

The next three images also come from an email from Wayne Vincent, but this time to all of the cops in Austin. In it he tells the coward cops of Austin that their lives are in danger, and even uses the term “dead cop” to convince them how dangerous people with cameras are. Not surprisingly, Wayne Vincent also shared a veiled threat against Buehler and the Peaceful Streets Project with a local news station.

The next image comes from an email from Adam Johnson, a criminal cop who arrested Antonio Buehler on September 21, 2012 for filming cops. Adam Johnson is also Patrick Oborski’s supervisor. He just wanted to make sure that he let the Commander Jason Dusterhoft and Lieutenant Derek Galloway know that he appreciated them covering for a cop they know committed numerous felony crimes.

Reading further down the email, the Austin Police Department tried to claim that Peaceful Streets Project co-founder Harold Gray had made threats to Officer Robert Snider. Robert Snider was the cop who assaulted an innocent woman on January 1, 2012 in downtown Austin, and who later joined Officer Patrick Oborski in assaulting Peaceful Streets Project co-founder Antonio Buehler. The “threats” made to Officer Robert Snider was a suggestion that volunteers flier Snider’s neighborhood with information so that his neighbors would know what their buddy cop did.

The next image comes from an email from the previously mentioned coward, criminal Austin Police Department Cop Justin Berry wherein he accuses Peaceful Streets Project co-founder John Bush of stockpiling weapons for future violent action against the police.

Who exactly do the cops in Austin work for?


  • I am happy to see some one making those crooked cops be held accountable for their tyranny,…
    In the 22 years I have been in Austin,…I have been a victim of and witnessed cop harassment on the homeless as well as “JOE Q PUBLIC”
    Art Acevedo should be ASHAMED to have those officers ruin the reputation of the FEW that are legit,..
    But,… as u know,. Acevedo and IA have become experts at covering up their lies, brutality and oppressive behavior.
    I am now a staunch supporter of PSP as well as becoming my own Sovereign entity,..(which more people should be educated on)
    Happy to help keep those “officers” accountable,…
    Thank you all for trying to shed the reality on the laymen.
    Keep it up ya’ll
    Freedom should remain just that.

  • I think Officer Berry is one of MANY on OUR pay that use the wording of “domestic terrorist threat” as a way to push the regular public into believing the movement is a bad thing for society,..which is contrary….
    As a LONG time Austinite I have personally witnessed our peace officers\ gone law enforcement,.. do many injustices to people in this city and from personal experience I have been at the wrong end of Officer Santiago,Officer Brisco,..I can go on but I digress,..
    I do not believe they were justified in using deadly force or any strong arm techniques to the PSP,…..
    As a passive person,I like to enjoy the freedoms we have but I should NOT be intimidated by the Civil Servants we pay to fight serious crime.
    One thing that got me was WHY? On God’s green earth was APD given millions to “Clean-up” Rundberg and the I-35 area?
    I have known about Rundberg,….it was safer 10 years ago,and even then it was”bad”,..
    if APD was doing it right,… they’d have a handle on it,..but I see it as ANOTHER way for Acevedo and Crew to bilk Our City out of money which could go to other things,…
    Go by ARCH any day of the week and u can find a hooker, heroin,crack,…u name it,..it’s there,..
    I personally don’t do drugs but if you did,…the drive thru is in the alley behind Arch or anywhere in that area…..again,..10 years ago,..it was a lot safer.
    They seem to find it easier to force their will under color of law to keep society under their thumb,….
    Try to file a complaint in the APD and I assure you, they have NO form to fill and if you inquire further,… they WILL arrest you.TRY IT.(For filing a complaint on an officer?)
    Remind anyone of The Third Reich?
    College girls and homeless are much safer, and easier to harass than Crack dealers and Gang bangers,…
    Granted I admittedly have met some really sharp Officers on APD,.. but most are seriously into some sort of God Complex,Boys Club mentality…
    I am NOT a terrorist, nor am I an anarchist,… I am just a hard working,tax paying citizen who just woke up,…
    As a supporter of PSP and a WITNESS to the cronyism that is APD,..
    I want EVERYONE to watch them closely,KNOW you rights..To have a better police department,..as citizens,..we HAVE to police our civil servants,.. because obviously,Internal Affairs is failing or turning a blind eye…
    it’s desperately over due.
    Thank You Antonio and All @ PSP…
    Wayne Vincent and The Naughty Cops on our payroll are the THREAT,…. it’s not PSP
    Never knew protecting MY god given rights was a crime,…ESPECIALLY in Austin.
    Many of my family served,died and work their fingers to the bone as immigrants to give me the life I am supposed to enjoy without molestation thank you.
    Keep the cameras rolling.
    They have guns and intimidation,…we have rights and video.
    Media is a great weapon against tyranny.
    Truth wins EVERY TIME.

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