7 Nov
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Official Celebration of Antonio Buehler’s Acquittal! (There will be a live stream)

Come celebrate Antonio Buehler’s acquittal this Saturday in Austin! This acquittal was the second major milestone for Buehler. The first was a favorable ruling by Federal Magistrate Judge Mark Lane who affirmed the right of the people to film the police.

Come listen to his attorney Millie Thompson and Jermaine Hopkins, the police officer who crossed the thin blue line to shed light on the criminal actions of the Austin Police Department. In addition to Thompson and Hopkins, We’ll celebrate the very brave witnesses who stepped forward to protect Buehler, the jury members who refused to be intimidated by the prosecutor, and the community who rallied behind Buehler. There is much fighting left to be done, but Saturday is an opportunity to reflect and give thanks.

This is a child friendly venue with a playground. Dogs welcome on a leash. Bring the family, have some drinks, enjoy!

Organizer Justin Arman, the TAG Executive Director said, “In Civil Disobedience, Thoreau articulated that our conscience is our only guide for right and wrong, and that cowardice and immorality comes from people who simply follow rules. Antonio stood up for a woman being abused by two men, as any person of character would, however what made this notable was the fact that he did not allow their shiny badges to blind his judgement. All of the people who testified on behalf of Antonio, including Austin Police Officer Jermaine Hopkins (who bravely crossed the thin blue line), and the jurors themselves, exemplified Thoreau’s thesis; Antonio was right. Throughout the entire case, the prosecution simply begged the question, follow the rules because they’re the rules; resign your conscience and everything will be fine.” He continued, “I spoke with Antonio the morning after his victory, and he has made it clear that this was not his victory, this win celebrates the act of standing up for one another. What will last much longer than the details of this case, is the inspiration for individuals and communities to protect and serve each other.”

The celebration will run from 7-10 p.m. at Freddie’s Place at 1703 South First St, Austin, Texas 78704.

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1492858734333390/

Important Notes:

**Live Stream Landing Page (courtesy of the Houston Free Thinkers and The Liberty Beat): http://thelibertybeat.com/buehler-party/

**Please bring recording equiptment, for event coverage and if needed for cop watching.

**Please use hashtag #buehlervictory when tweeting, facebooking, posting photos, posting videos, or other wise discussing the event!

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