9 May
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Retired Undercover Austin Police Officer Records 4 Texas Police Chiefs Committing Racketeering

Cops get away with felony crimes all the time. Cops are a protected class of thugs that gets favorable treatment from politicians, judges, and prosecutors. Cops get to craft the narrative when they commit crimes, usually slandering the victims of police brutality and corruption, the media then runs with it, and juries fall all over themselves to believe the lies of cops if the cases ever find their way to court. Cops are so above the law that they do not even care about creating compelling narratives because no one in positions of power and influence ever calls them out for their lies. This is why we have for so long demanded a grassroots insurgency to root out the terrorists of the thin blue line, or for the mythical “good” cops to go after the “bad” cops since no one else has the ability or power to do it.

A grassroots insurgency is pipe dream in today’s society, as virtually everyone has been conditioned to believe the fairytale that we need cops to protect us and that the profession of policing is somehow honorable. Even among marginalized and oppressed communities, civic leaders and business owners forge relationships with the police, preventing real alternatives to policing to come from the people. Few are willing to hold cops personally accountable for their crimes by ostracizing them and running them out of town, because those who push back on the police are so quickly painted as the troublemakers. And no one is willing to bring violence to the police in response to violence because the protected class of thug cops will use the full power of the state to kill anyone who tries. Society needs to come a long way for real alternatives to policing to bubble up.

At the same time, hoping for good cops to come forward is also a pipe dream. Policing today is a criminal profession that requires every police officer to buy into the thin blue line ethos of protect criminal cops even if you have to destroy the lives of victims in order to do so. Just from PUBLIC stories that are released, we know that over 1000 people are murdered by cops each year, scores of thousands of people are raped by cops each year, hundreds of thousands are framed by cops each year, and hundreds of thousands are beaten by cops each year. If there were good cops, these bad cops would not be destroying the lives of people on a daily basis.

But every once in a while a police officer sticks his or her neck out and says something, and then the head gets chopped off. When we ask for examples of “good” cops we get the usual responses. Serpico (shot in the face when fellow cops abandoned him), Adrian Schoolcraft (harassed, kidnapped, and forcibly institutionalized), Cariol Horne (beaten and fired), Joe Crystal (harassed and run out of town), Shana Lopez (fired). We are sure there are others, but we will never know because a fellow cop ended their watch. The only people cops will kill as eagerly as they do to people of color or puppies are the rare cops who dare to cross the thin blue line.

It is the strength of the thin blue line which may one day be its downfall. Cops are so sure in the support they will receive from others in blue that they can get quite careless about what they say and do in front of other cops. This extends to anyone in the fraternity, even those who are retired.

Lyndon Lueders is a former Austin Police Officer. Now he is a private business owner. Some Austin Police thugs decided to break into his business one night and destroy some of his property. When he took this issue to the Austin Police Department it went all the way up to the Chief of Police. It’s ok when cops fuck over the little people, but in this instance they fucked over a fellow cop. So the chief of police, Hubert Arturo “Art” Acevedo got involved to smooth things over. What Hubert did not realize is that Lyndon understood what a pig Hubert was, and decided to record his interactions. In the process, Lyndon recorded evidence that shows that Hubert and his deputy chiefs all engaged in criminal acts to cover up crimes by fellow police officers and to dismiss serious concerns about the behavior of the police monitor.

We are now sharing that video with you.


  • Yeah, Antonio!

  • Good, sue them.
    Figures the interim Chief is a liar. Just like Hubert was. Same as the old boss.

    Bad cops in Austin, the lot of them. More than 5%, and yes, the OPM and Margo are culpable. It’s 99.9% dirtbag criminal felon cops, not 5%. Get your facts right.

    These dirtbag “leaders” will not get a pro-active game plan together, they are liars. They never have helped Austinites, they are punk assed liars. robledo, and others have targeted me to kill me, in person. In fact Margo retired in time, Hubert jumped ship to Houston. And what is the game plan? What was their response? You will be targeted by felonious Police and Feds now. That’s how this game works. There is no “Law” just tyranny and oppression. I have been targeted and ignored. So will you all. This is what happens when there is no Rule of Law, oversight, transparency or accountability, just cocaine and corruption. That’s your Law. Bet me. We all share Rights, not just the “badged” war dogs. Each and every Citizen in the Republic is afforded the same essential Rights under the Constitution. Period.

    Not to mention that this is just a cop issue. Cops suing cops. Cops win, cops lose. Maybe the City will lose some money, or not. Margo will probably not be charged. Although I hope she and her accomplices are. Up to the Mayor. But not us Citizens.

    So what about the Citizens and survivors of these dirty cops? When will we see Justice? I have been targeted for years by APD. No Justice, no Peace. Get it right.


    We need cops to go to Prison for their crimes. Or else the precious “Laws” that they worship to are useless. Period.

    Put them in Prison. The sooner the better. Margo and Mark can join them. Felons.

    Or else, just support the useless 99% of these dirty Austin cops and see how far this will go. People are getting harmed, raped and killed every minute in Austin. It’s more about us. Think. Where did the sickness begin? When will we get to the root of the matter? If left at a high level, it will not protect us all. Simple.

    And don’t ever, ever shoot a little toddler or an unarmed dog. Dogs are Family. Cops are employees of the Families. Real heroes don’t shoot kids or their dogs.

    Welcome to Aus-ghanistan. Enjoy the ride.

  • I hope you win and release all the Public Discovery that you can, for all to use and see. We have a right to know how the Police Dept and City Agents treat their own. What level of corruption our govt. is in locally.

    This is how it should be done. We are either for the People, or against the People. There are no fence-sitters allowed, we are all awakening fast to the reality of Police and Govt. corruption that is treasonous, felonious, rampant and growing daily.

    We all will be watching and awaiting the information released quickly, as it becomes available. Anything not marked can be released, even redacted docs too.

    Free the People.

    God Speed!

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